22 September 2020

How To Burglar-Proof Your Home?

Your home should be a safe haven, so the thought of any uninvited guests in your home is scary. In 2019/2020, there were 365 thousand homes burgled in England and Wales.  A shocking statistic.  Securing your home is more important than ever before.  But there’s no need to panic, at Walkern Windows and Homes, we’re […]

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edwardian conservatory
25 August 2020

Setting up a Conservatory for Summer

A quality conservatory, correctly installed, can be enjoyed all year round, but there’s no denying that it’s during the summer when the conservatory really comes into its own. All those long summer evenings, enjoying a drink with the doors wide open and the breeze gently blowing through the garden are what your conservatory was designed […]

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victorian conservatory
30 July 2020

Conservatory Styles in Hertfordshire

A new conservatory is a great way to create some space in your home and has a hatful of different potential uses. Whether you’re looking for a playroom for the kids, a space in which to dine or entertain, or a room in which to relax and enjoy your garden, a conservatory provides a cost-effective […]

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Stable door front door
23 June 2020

What’s the Best Material to Choose for Your New Front Door?

Buying a new front door can be a confusing affair. In a marketplace teeming with options, how can you be sure you’re making the right choice for your home? One of the key considerations is which material to choose for your new front door. We have assembled a short guide to some of the common […]

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11 May 2020

Orangeries: What are they and what’s the benefit

Orangery is a word that has been in the double glazing dictionary for quite some time now, but for many, the word still remains a mystery. So just what is an orangery? And, more importantly, why should you think about having one installed? Well, Walkern Windows are here to help you understand a little better.  […]

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tilt and turn windows
03 April 2020

Why Choose Aluminium Windows in Hertfordshire?

If you’re looking at replacing your windows and doors, it can be a little daunting. These days you have so many options to choose from, including the mechanism, the finish and the materials the window frames are made from. In this article, we’ll have a closer look at one of the most stylish and often […]

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Old window
18 March 2020

Old Double-Glazing vs New: Is New Double Glazing Worthwhile?

If the double-glazing on your property is looking a little tired or is getting old, you may have begun to look at replacement windows. But is it worth your time and investment replacing your old windows? Let’s have a look at some of the reasons you may want to replace your windows and some of […]

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Condensation on uPVC windows
24 February 2020

How To Fix uPVC Windows That Steam Up

Having your windows steam up can always be a frustration. Whilst you may think there’s something wrong with your double glazing, it’s actually an indicator that your double glazing is of high energy efficiency and that it’s performing as it should. But that doesn’t fix your steamed up windows! So in this article, we’ve put […]

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newly built houses
20 January 2020

Top industry trends for windows and doors 2020

2020 is here and we wanted to share our thoughts on some of the top industry trends for windows and doors in 2020. What we think will be the most popular products and themes and why. We’ll be looking at: Composite doors Conservatories Sustainability Whilst these are some of just a few of the industry […]

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20 December 2019

How to stop cold air coming through double glazed windows

As the weather becomes colder, you may be looking for ways to keep your home warm throughout the winter months.  But how can you stop cold air from penetrating through your windows?  In this article, we have put together a list of tips to help you reduce the amount of cold air penetrating through your […]

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