Conservatories & Orangeries

Conservatories & Orangeries

Conservatories and orangeries are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. They’re perfect for extending your living space and adding value to your property.

Here at Walkern Windows & Homes we offer a wide range of conservatories and orangeries to choose from. Available in a range of designs, colours and materials, they are fully custom-made to suit your property size, interior decor, as well as budget. Whether you’re looking for an Edwardian or Victorian style conservatory, or something more contemporary that will suit your needs best, we have the perfect conservatory to meet any need. Conservatories add value to homes by providing additional living space that is both practical and stylish.With so many styles available, including both classic and modern options, it’s hard not to find the perfect fit for every homeowner. If you are interested in exploring this option with one of our experts today, contact us! We can help design an addition that will be right for you. 

Based in Stevenage, we serve the whole Hertfordshire area. Get in touch with our team now and discuss your requirements!

Edwardian Conservatories Stevenage

Our Edwardian conservatories bring that sense of British tradition, redesigned beautifully in our range of Edwardian conservatories. With a striking, pointed roof, the conservatories give that extra living space in the home. Whether you own a traditional or modern house, these conservatories work well with all types, old and new, offering a classic and timeless […]

Orangeries Stevenage

Orangeries are beautifully designed to promote elegance and beauty. Our range of orangeries are fit for that purpose. Different to conservatories in that orangeries are made from brick, whereas conservatories are usually made from uPVC materials. For more information, get a free quote online or download our brochure for more ideas on various styles and […]

Tiled Roof Conservatories Stevenage

We have a wide range of tiled roof conservatories for you to choose from. If you’re more conscious of the style and design of the conservatory you wish to install and “add-on” to your property, then investing in a tiled roof conservatory might be more suited to you. Tiled roof conservatories offer tiling on the […]

Gable-End Conservatories Stevenage

Gable-End conservatories are up-to-date summer houses that provide plenty of space through large ceiling heights. These have a huge amount of natural light all year. Allowing for maximum amount of space and light entered into the conservatory, the Gable-End conservatory is a great choice for those who are looking for a mix between traditional and […]

Victorian Conservatories Stevenage

Inspired by the Victorian period, these conservatories celebrate one of the most iconic eras in British history. Beautifully designed to seamlessly fit alongside your home so that, whether you own a modern or traditional house, it won’t look out of place. Victorian conservatories are perfect if you are restricted in space on your garden or […]

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